"The team at Ethos are just great.
Super responsive, thorough and knowledgeable.
Karen has loads of ideas and feedback too, which has really assisted us with our PPC strategy.
Highly recommended."

Twice as many leads generated
Click through rate improved from 3.5% to 7.6%
Increase in position 1 impressions
Fall in bounce rate from 63% to 48%
Paid users viewed 30% more pages

"The Google and Bing campaigns managed by Ethos have successfully launched and promoted our Self Serve EPoS system.
Karen and Dorcas work in partnership with the rest of our Marketing team to ensure we get the best return on our ad investment."

Direct enquiries generated from Day 1
Significantly higher top-of-page impression rate than competitors
Continual call in cost-per-conversion over 12 months
Increasing levels of engagement with campaign landing pages

“We’re really pleased with the quality of leads that we’re getting through Google Ads.
From the outset Ethos has worked to get a solid understanding of the specific needs of our business, particularly with the nuances of our niche industry.
It has generated a vastly improved return on investment and we’re now making a better use of our marketing budget.”

Spend on clicks reduced by more than half
Higher page ranking at a lower cost-per-click
9 times higher click-through-rate
5 times more trackable enquiries
Cost-per-enquiry down 92%

"Karen @ Ethos has been helping us for around 8 months now. She has proved herself to be most knowledgeable, thorough and refreshingly proactive. And the results speak for themselves. A 5 Star business 👍"
"Karen and her team at Ethos have been amazing to work with. They're a group of absolute experts in their field who are always super professional to deal with, but also really personable, and often go above and beyond to help. As a non expert in Google Ads, Karen gave me really valuable advice on where we should start, making sure that we would get the best value and ROI possible for our spend, and continually monitoring and optimising our campaigns to make our budget work really hard for us. She's also been great at explaining what she's doing, why she's doing it, and giving us completely clear insights into all elements of our ads performance. Ethos's flexible approach and complete trustworthiness make them stand out from other digital marketing agencies. I couldn't recommend them more."
"I was recommended to Karen and was impressed from the very first contact.
Karen and her team are more thorough than I've experienced in an agency before.
They also respond to requests really fast and are always a pleasure to speak to.
I can't recommend them highly enough."
"Karen and her team are absolutely fantastic.
I'd highly recommend Ethos Metrics - in addition to an exceptional campaign build and continuous maintenance, they're constantly delivering great insights and feedback to our website, helping us grow both organic and paid leads.
Highly recommend."
"We had been running a Google PPC campaign for about 2 years when Ethos came recommended to us.
At the time, we were receiving some good leads through Google but felt it could be improved.
We didn't have the time or the knowledge to best manage our campaign so decided to bring in a professional.
Ethos have now been running our campaign since 2017 and in this time, they have been so successful at improving our visibility that we, in turn, doubled our spend as we were confident on the return.
The best thing about hiring Ethos is that they always offer excellent ideas on how to improve and move the campaign forward and they save us heaps of time."
"When I first met Ethos Metrics it was evident that I was working with professionals who really knew what they were doing.
When you're working to limited budgets and have a lot do, getting measurable value and ROI on activity such as PPC is essential.
Some of my clients work in highly competitive markets which means on-line advertising needs a creative and clever approach.
Ethos Metrics delivers that time and time again - thank you for everything you do."
"When Karen took over our PPC campaigns, we saw an immediate improvement across all the relevant metrics.
We paid less for more leads which converted better.
She has a meticulous approach, testing exhaustively and fine-tuning until we really feel we're maximising our spend.
She takes the trouble to understand our business and its needs, in order to create campaigns that are timely and relevant.
I can't recommend her and her team highly enough."
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