We maximise profits for you.
Not Google.

Grow your business
with Google Ads

Google Ads aren't a level playing field.

We’re not here to make Google richer.  We’re on the same side as our clients.
We are driven by our Ethos of Honesty, Transparency and Partnership.
"I was recommended to Karen and was impressed from the very first contact.
Karen and her team are more thorough than I've experienced in an agency before.
They also respond to requests really fast and are always a pleasure to speak to.
I can't recommend them highly enough."
"I'd highly recommend Ethos Metrics - in addition to an exceptional campaign build and continuous maintenance, they're constantly delivering great insights and feedback to our website, helping us grow both organic and paid leads.
Highly recommend."
"Ethos have now been running our campaign since 2017 and they have been so successful at improving our visibility that we doubled our spend as we were confident on the return.
They always offer excellent ideas on how to move the campaign forward and they save us heaps of time."

How can we help you?

Need more eCommerce sales?

Google Shopping + Google Search + Google Display

Need more leads?

Google Search + Google Display

Karen Young, Ethos Metrics
I founded Ethos to stop businesses wasting money on Google Ads.
From the outset, I wanted Ethos to be different.

Firstly – our people.
In my view, you need commercial experience to run profitable Google Ads. Otherwise, how can you understand a client’s business and how much they can afford to pay to acquire a new customer? Here’s more about our team.

Secondly – we’re 100% upfront and honest.
If you ask us for a quote and we don’t think Google Ads will work, we’ll tell you. If your campaign isn’t doing well, you can see the facts on your live dashboard.

We strive to be the ethical pay-per-click agency, working in partnership with you.

Karen Young

Ethos Metrics

Why do so many businesses lose money using pay-per-click advertising?

If you’re starting out with a budget of under £5k per month, most decent agencies aren’t interested.
Some people try the DIY approach.  Others go to a one-size-fits-all agency with thousands of customers.
We know that these approaches don’t always work out. So we decided to offer a fair, honest option.
We work in partnership with you to get results.

Whether you've got £25 or £250 to spend on clicks each day.

Businesses like yours deserve to rank higher on Google

We spend your budget wisely

It would be easy for us to waste your Google Ads budget.

We could:
• Take on accounts that we know will ultimately fail.
• Give you an edited monthly report, rather than direct account access.
• Charge you a single fee for clicks and our time, without a breakdown.
• Buy junk clicks without tracking sales or leads.
• Fail to check your account for days on end, so it trends downwards.

We don't do any of these things.

We just build and manage honest AdWords accounts that work.

100% focus

We only do Google Ads.

We don't build websites or do SEO.
(although we know great people who do if you want recommendations)

We focus on Google Ads, because we get good results and it's what we like to do best.

Most 'full service' agencies farm out their Google Ads to someone else.

We don't do this. You'll deal with us from start to finish.

No jargon

Setting up an effective Google Ads campaign is complex.

There's a lot of jargon.
It's our job to understand this, unless you want to learn more.

We promise to explain what we're doing (and why) in a way that makes sense to you.

No lock in

We don't have fixed contract lengths.

If we're not delivering the results you need, why should you stay?
You're running a business after all.

We'll build you a campaign that works.
In the rare instances where it doesn't, you can end your contract.
No catch.

Honest reporting

You need to know whether your ads are making money, so you can check results whenever you like on your live dashboard.

We'll track what business you get from your Google Ads campaign.
• Did someone pick up the phone and call you?
• Did someone fill in a website enquiry form?
• Did someone go through your online checkout?

This is not the same thing as the number of clicks you're getting.
Not all clicks are equally valuable.

This is not the same thing as your click-through-rate.
So people are clicking on your ad - are they buying?

This is also not the same thing as your cost-per-click.
We bid the right amount to get the right results.

Bulletproof processes

We're geeks when it comes to processes.

Why? Google Ads are tricky and it's easy to screw up.

Our systems kick off from the moment you enquire.

We’ll analyse your market, the competition, the average cost-per-click.
If you’re going to lose money, we’ll suggest you try something else.

We don't drop balls, because we know exactly what comes next.

We avoid mistakes, because we learn from every account we optimise.

You get predictability.
Because we do what we say we'll do.
On time.

Ethos Metrics (noun)

/ˈiː.θɒs/ /ˈmɛtrɪks/

Ethos: The characteristic spirit of a culture.
Metrics: A set of figures or statistics that measure results.