It’s Lolly Ltd are experts in EPoS, Payments & Self Serve for
Hospitality Businesses. 

Their complete PoS Systems make the point of sale simple, efficient and dependable, every time – anywhere. 

Constantly at the forefront of innovation, Lolly need to ensure that potential customers are aware of their ground-breaking products. They have used Google Ads since 2014.


Peter Moore, CEO

“The Google and Bing campaigns managed by Ethos have successfully launched and promoted our Self Serve EPoS system

Karen and Dorcas work in partnership with the rest of our Marketing team to ensure we get the best return on our ad investment.”

The challenge

In December 2018, Lolly launched a brand new Self Serve EPoS offering. At this time, no other provider in the market was providing an affordable self-service solution in the hospitality sector. Lolly needed to get the message out fast.

However, because LollyServe was so innovative within the industry, there were few searches on relevant keywords, simply because restaurant and café owners didn’t know that such a product existed. Generic EPoS keywords were prohibitively expensive, at over £10 per click.

Action taken

We agreed to combine both Search and Display advertising across both Google and Bing (Microsoft Ads). 

Campaigns were set up to target new prospects, whilst raising awareness amongst existing Lolly customers through Remarketing.

We worked with Lolly’s Marketing providers to develop effective landing pages and ensure that messaging was consistent across all channels including PR.


The campaign generated direct enquiries from the first week.

Lolly achieved a 6 month head start over later entrants into the self serve space

Lolly retain a significantly higher top-of-page impression share than their competitors

Campaign optimisation has ensured that the cost per conversion has fallen significantly over 12 months

Levels of engagement with the Self Serve website content have increased

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