Google Ads that actually make you money

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For most businesses, there are two types of ads to consider first.

1. Search ads

Google Ads explained

In most instances (not all), we recommend you start with Search ads.

There are a maximum of 4 ads above the organic results and 3 ads below. 

The Organic listings are influenced by SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). SEO isn’t our cup of tea, but we can recommend great agencies if you’d like to know more.

You might also see a “Local pack” if you search on a term where geography is relevant. The Local Pack is part of the Organic listings. 

The paid ads work on the basis of an auction. When someone types a keyword into Google (in this example “corporate photographer London”), Google’s algorithms run an instant online auction.

Google look at which advertisers would like to bid for the keyword in question. The maximum amount they’re prepared to pay per click. Their Quality Score. The amount that competitors are bidding. These factors determine where your ad ends up on the page – if it appears at all.

Our job is to:

  • Work with you to decide which keywords are relevant to your business.
  • Write great ads that will convince people to click.
  • Decide how much to bid and which position to bid for (often not Ad Position 1).
  • Track what happens when someone clicks on an ad. Do they buy or enquire?
  • Repeat this process with the aim of driving your cost-per-acquisition as low as possible.​

2. Display ads

Display ads are those that you see when you browse the internet.

They come in around 25 different dimensions. You can use a custom design, or a responsive template design as in this example.

Display ads cost much less per-click than Search ads, so can be a great option if the top Search ad bidders in your market are paying crazy amounts.

You can target Display ads at people who have visited your website already – this is known as Remarketing. It’s an effective way of reminding your customers that you exist. Remarketing Display ads also work well with Search ads, as relatively few people buy on their first website visit. 

You can also use Display ads to target new customers – there are many different targeting options. We’ll discuss these with you and test which work most effectively.

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First, we’ll take a look at how much you’d need to spend per month on a Search ad campaign. 

Want to play with the numbers yourself? Try our instant Google Ads calculator.

We’ll look at the average Cost Per Click and the levels of competition.

If Search ads are looking pricey, an alternative route is Display ads.

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