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Looking for a new challenge?

We're always on the lookout for the right people to join our team of 11.

You'll be working with our Google Ads clients, but no previous experience in Pay-Per-Click is needed.

Ethos is a purpose and values driven business. We don't exist to drive profit at all costs. We are here to support our clients and to create engaging work to complement our own lives.

If you're a corporate escapee dreaming of a better work-life balance, we'd love to hear from you!

My story

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I started Ethos for myself. I’d left a corporate career and worked in various freelance marketing roles whilst looking after my children, who were 6 and 8 at the time.

I was doing well financially, but I was really frustrated. Work demands were a constant source of anxiety - especially if my kids were ill or school holidays were approaching. I felt there was no prospect of resuming a fulfiling career.

I spoke to the agency owners I knew. What services did they struggle to resource? Time and time again, they said Pay Per Click (PPC). Google Ads in particular.

So I decided to set up a specialist Google Ads agency.

Ethos was born on 1 December 2016.

I’m passionate about creating genuinely flexible roles for those who are unable to find genuinely interesting work to fit around their lives. Those who feel stuck or as out of control as I did.

We welcome anyone with the right skillset. We would love to become a more diverse team.

I believe that the future of work is radically different from the corporate 9-5. That it is possible to create a better working environment in which individuals can support each other and thrive.

What's the role?

We're looking for people to manage both the relationship with our clients and the hands on management of their Google Ads accounts.

In agencies, these roles are often split - one person does the client management and another does the delivery. We don't feel this works, as so much is lost in communication between team members. At Ethos, our clients know that the person they speak to is the person who controls their advertising.

This means that you'll have full ownership of your client accounts. It doesn't mean that you'll be unsupported.

At first, one of our experienced team members will be with you every step of the way, joining you on all client calls and coaching you in how to make changes in the Google Ads account. As you grow in confidence, you can take the lead until you're managing the account independently - but there's always support available within the team.

We try to strike a balance between trusting you to do a brilliant job, whilst providing enough support so that you never feel out of your depth. Ultimately, this is a role for someone who thrives on managing their own workload and planning their own time.

We aim to build strong, resilient relationships with our clients. We have never yet lost a client because they were unhappy with the level of service given. A big part of this role is understanding what your client needs from us.

You'll need to work to understand their business - their goals, how much they can afford to acquire a new customer, how their proposition stacks up against their competitors.

In terms of location, we're based in Farnham, Surrey. Training will be in person, 1-3 days per week, 10am-3pm, for the first 2-3 months so you'd need to be close enough to travel to Farnham for this period. Once you're up to speed, we get together as a team around 6 times per year (once per school half term).

Ethos Metrics - specialist Google Ads Agency - brand photos by Claire with the Camera. Business Brand Photographer Surrey.JPG

You'll also need to understand their communication preferences - what information they need from you and how they'd like to receive this from us. You'll need to be responsive when a client comes to you with an ad hoc query - perhaps they want to advertise a new product or they need to run a promotion. If a client has an issue, you'll need to listen, empathise and resolve the situation.

You'll also be setting up and optimising advertising campaigns within their Google Ads account. For an overview on how Google Ads work, here's a presentation I gave to a networking group - Google Ads overview

Google Ads is a technical platform with lots of graphs and data. We frequently work in Excel, so you'll need to be comfortable with a spreadsheet. You'll also need to provide reports to your clients, both ad hoc and monthly, so it's essential that you can interpret data. It's your role to help your client understand how their advertising is performing - are their campaigns profitable?

You'll also need to be prepared to keep learning about Google Ads. The world of digital advertising is constantly evolving and we need to keep our knowledge up-to-date as a team. This isn't a role for someone who likes to do the same predictable thing every day!

Is this role for you?

  • You don't need to know anything about Google Ads.
  • You might have had a corporate career as an accountant, a project manager, a data analyst, market research manager or a management consultant.
  • You’re used to using spreadsheets and comfortable with interpreting and communicating data. Not just what the data says, but why.
  • You’re good with detailed work. You can follow a process and spot errors.
  • You have commercial awareness, with a genuine interest in learning about lots of other businesses.
  • You like getting to know people and building great working relationships.
  • You have the self-confidence to work with our clients, win their trust and manage any issues or concerns.
  • You can figure out what actually matters to each client and the best way to communicate with them.
  • We work independently from home, so you need to be self-motivated to get started and get the work done.
  • You enjoy figuring things out for yourself – although support is always available.
  • You need to be comfortable with change and prepared to learn something new most days!
  • This is more of an analytical role than a creative role, although there are some elements where creativity is a bonus.
Ethos Metrics - specialist Google Ads Agency - brand photos by Claire with the Camera. Business Brand Photographer Surrey.JPG

What would make you a great fit for this role?

1. The ability to build trust

Our clients trust us to invest their marketing budget in Google Ads and to deliver a return on their investment.

Trust is everything. Our clients need to know that their account is in a safe pair of hands.

We're looking for people who can come across as calm and self-confident, even as they’re learning the ropes.

If you have experience in managing stakeholders, or running a project, or convincing others to follow your lead, you’ll likely have the gravitas we’re looking for, even if you've been out of the workplace for a while.

2. Understanding our clients and their data

Digital marketing is all about numbers. Most things are measurable and inter-related.

Pulling one lever will result in one outcome. Pulling another could do something different or even unexpected. We test and we learn and we test again.

We're looking for people who have dealt with data in some way during their education or career - people who can interpret a graph or spreadsheet.

3. Attitude to learning

We're searching for people who believe that they can figure out pretty much anything if they put their mind to it.

Google Ads never stays still. When you’ve got to grips with one process, the chances are something will change.

Our ideal team member is happy to ask questions, do their own research and ask for help when needed.


Can't see the answer to your question here? Just email me -

We take on new team members three times a year - September, January and April.

How do I apply?

Please send an email to, with your CV.

We're not looking for applications from PPC freelancers or agencies, thank you 🙂