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Google Ads for eCommerce

If you run an eCommerce store,
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The world of eCommerce gets more competitive daily and it can be a challenge to grow your market share.
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Types of ads for eCommerce stores

Google Shopping Ads

A must for most eCommerce stores, Shopping Ads get you to the top of the listings and have the highest conversion rates.

There are some exceptions – for example if you’re selling unique or very high priced items, in which case a combination of Search Ads and Display Ads might be better.

Shopping Ads work using a feed directly from your eCommerce platform.

Google Search Ads

Brilliant for showcasing more detail about your products.

Rank highly at the perfect time – when a customer is ready to buy.

Search ads look deceptively simple, but the difference between a good Search campaign and a poor one is vast. Our campaigns are engineered to get you relevant clicks at the cheapest cost per click.

Google Display Ads

A great partner to Search Ads.

Display Ads showcase your brand or promotions across the internet.

Much like an old-fashioned billboard, Display Ads work to keep your products top of mind.

They’re great if your product is new or innovative and people haven’t started searching for you yet.

Display is also invaluable if your budget is tight and your competitors are paying crazy amounts for Search Ad clicks., of if you’re struggling to rank in the Shopping listings against huge brands such as Amazon or eBay.

You can target Display ads at people who have visited your website already – this is known as Remarketing. People don’t always buy first time, so Remarketing reminds prospects to revisit your website and purchase.

Testimonials from eCommerce clients

"Karen @ Ethos has been helping us for around 8 months now. She has proved herself to be most knowledgeable, thorough and refreshingly proactive. And the results speak for themselves. A 5 Star business 👍"
"Karen and her team at Ethos have been amazing to work with. They're a group of absolute experts in their field who are always super professional to deal with, but also really personable, and often go above and beyond to help."

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